So I can’t go any further without giving an introduction to my marvelous family! Most of you are probably more than familiar with my people. Either through life events, happenstance meetings, or the simple fact that I post way too many Instagram pictures of their cute faces. Regardless of where our paths have crossed, or if this is the first time you are being introduced to the greatness that they are, I can’t wait to write about how blessed and honored I am to be able to share life with these two great guys and a soon coming beautiful little girl. With no further commentary, let me introduce you to my number one. My honey!

I know, I know he is extremely cute. This is Kristian Baker, everybody. My hubby and best friend. We have been through a lot over the past seven years of marriage, but I will say this… there is no one else I would desire to do life and ministry with than with this guy right here! We fight hard, love hard, play hard, and live life in a constant effort to continually chase after God. No matter where life takes us. We run to the rhythm of a different drum.

Now let me brag… He is a fantastic worship leader, musician, songwriter, graphic designer, web guru, I mean talented would be an understatement for sure! But beyond all of the surface stuff that might make him incredibly talented and gifted, he is an amazing person and a wonderful friend. Anointed to fulfill a call, that is more than evident upon his life. Chances are if you are blessed enough to be his friend, you will notice that He will always go the extra mile, while continually filling your life with laughter and fun! He has taught me how to be a better friend, just by merely staying the course when a lot of people drift and sway from season to season. He turned thirty this year, and I fully believe his best days are yet to unfold.. The most significant chapters still unwritten, and I can’t wait to stand beside him to help turn the pages as this new season unfolds.

This Guy. And you didn’t think it could get any cuter! This my friends is the legendary, Wyatt Kingsley. He is a whirlwind, an energetic, outgoing, constant force to be reckoned with! He will charm you, talk your ear off and cause you to pull your hair out all within about a fifteen-minute span. I have always felt an extraordinary call on this little dude, and I know the plans and purpose of God are going to be one you will want to stick around for and witness. His favorite activities include… playing drums, singing non stop, and getting into everything he knows he shouldn’t. He is quite the explorer.

Also on the way, we have a new little addition that is still baking! So she will be coming soon! Coming in May to be exact. Just a few months now. I can’t wait to meet her and officially welcome her to our little crew!