One thing is for certain… life is full of processes. There are processes at every stage of our lives. There is a process for a child to graduate school, a process in which to receive a driver’s license, and a process when getting your first job, etc.. So why would we not think in the Kingdom that God wouldn’t have His own set of processes in place for our lives?

Can I be honest, I have never liked going through a process. A process often accompanies the daunting unknown of a coming season. Nothing is fun about being in a process. Yet the process always ensures there to be purpose on the other side.

Here are three steps that have helped me embrace the process and live according to His promise.

1.) Surrender

That may seem like an easy thing to do. Yet surrendering our lives in totality is something that requires great sacrifice. It means to surrender our mind, our will, and our emotions. But most importantly the most significant thing in which we must surrender is our hearts. Surrender your heart to God’s molding and watch Him closely as He makes something divinely beautiful.

2.) Never Compare

When in the process of life, never compare your season with someone else’s. You will never know the many processes they have been through to get where they currently are. As long as you compare, you will never be able to make yourself fully pliable to Him.

3.) Laugh

What? Laugh? Yes! You can frown your way through a season, or you can smile. We laugh and are filled with joy because we know on the other side of this mountain is a victory so sweet it will cause our hearts to dance. So start that victory dance early! Laughter is medicine for a weary soul!

You, my friend, were made for this. You are going to do amazing things for His kingdom! That’s why your process may seem never-ending! Another process, is merely another opportunity to go deeper in God.