Fear, worry, anxiety, have all been labeled silent killers amongst our generation. For they slowly push the life out of our dreams, hopes, and faith all at a startling rate. They creep inside the hallways of our hearts posing as harmless shadows, but their just waiting for the big debut. I don’t know about you, but I have personally struggled with all three of these dream killers. Longer than I would like to admit. I can’t put my finger quite on a specific moment, or circumstance when I felt the shift into worry, anxiety or fear. All I know is they have been exposed, no longer to take up residence in my life.

Since the beginning of this new year, God has been addressing the stronghold of Fear in my life. I thought I had it managed it well, but when something gets pushed to the forefront that requires my whole heart and trust in His leading, I immediately grapple with fearful thoughts and what if’s. God began speaking to me about the need for acknowledgment in this area, that if I were to be resting in His perfect love and merely trust, fear would have to leave. For perfect love casts out fear. We have all read that scripture, but sometimes we simply forget that the purpose of this is for our freedom.

I also found some unintended motivation, my son. Lately, I have seen him starting to battle with fear himself. I don’t find it ironic that His name means “little warrior”, and fear is now trying to surface. It started as the occasional nightmare and fear of the dark, but even though he possesses this fearless and bold calling, I have seen him recently go head to head with fear often. Its like a roadblock that only became visible to me through watching him begin to struggle! So I prayed, took authority of that fear and was actually feeling pretty spiritually fit.. until God whispered, “ok now what about yours”…. Whoa GOD! What? God confirmed this word deep in my heart for a second time through a seemingly innocent text. I was going about my day and texted a mentor about what I would excuse as a simple concern, but otherwise great day. But in that text I dislodged a fearful tone that I didn’t even know was presently residing. She texted back, I am praying warrior not worrier. I don’t even think she realized how much that text pierced my heart.. I couldn’t stop thinking about it! I knew God himself was trying to get a point across.

You see, we are going to feel the effects of fear and worry. We are going to begin something, a dream, a relationship, walking in a promise and fear is going to try and stop us at every corner. It’s not about feeling the fear; it’s what we do once that feeling is present. Do we embrace it, let it take space inside our heart and mind. Do we let it affect our decisions, our God dreams, and our future? Do we listen to the lies of darkness, rather than fully trust in the light of God’s word. Those fears and worries will only produce in our heart, anxieties. Fear is a Liar. But it’s a voice, which has become all too familiar. Including myself. So how do we overcome fear? We trust. We obey, even when it doesn’t make sense. We lean into God’s voice and combat the lies with his truth. We fight the good fight of faith, and put on our spiritual armor daily! Fear and worry have become too familiar in our busy world! Don’t grow passive with the pushy voice of fear any longer! It’s a new season, a new day, a fresh start. This is when we go from worrier to warrior!