As a creative, a writer, a musician, my ability to create wholeheartedly lives within an almost impossible state of unreality. If you have a job, kids, a spouse, you know those beautiful, but hectic life responsibilities sometimes clutter the creative roadways in our mind… until you feel as though you are at full capacity with life’s many concerns and ideas.

I remember when clutching my journal and finding that escape to a once-simplistic place of creativity was something of ease… Now my ever needy toddler seems to occupy all streets. Kids have a way of adjusting the sails away from that once free-flowing place of creative development! However, if you think having responsibilities and a family will rob you of your ability to once again create with ease, I am here to tell you that is simply untrue! So here are some tips, to get you back to a place of creative bliss.

1.) Create A Space:

Prioritizing your space is crucial. I cannot create in a state of background chatter, clutter, or high energy environments. I must find that place of solitude and resort to that place as often as I can. Not only to optimize my creativity but to release and reflect! To create, we can’t be overly clogged. Sometimes our heart gets clogged with life.. worries, unfulfilled tasks, expectations, even our doubt can clog the highways of our minds! So allow the Lord to come in and help you identify some areas that are simply taking up room in your heart and mind so that He can create a space for unreleased creativity.

How I like do it….

I will often drive, grab a coffee (a must for me) pull out my journal and park. Finding a beautiful place or landscape that inspires me is a must! Not your local Walmart parking lot people, plus that’s just creepy. Sometimes I’ll have music playing, or I’ll roll my windows down and play off the solitude. Some people like going to a little local coffee shop that is quiet and serene, or local parks, and that works too! I often like to do this alone, unless I am brainstorming or in a state of collaboration. In that case, we can usually require a different tone. But I am talking about releasing that creative juice that you know needs some internal reflection. So if that’s what I am after, I have to make the time and the space to allow it to blossom. If I can’t get away in a sense, I will wait until everyone is asleep to where not even a creature is stirring and then go cuddle with my blanket in a dimly lit room. I have tried this creative tone in the morning, but even Jesus knows I struggle to access brain power before those wee dawn hours. Plus it’s like my toddler has superpowers… he jolts up with a sense of knowing when I’m awake..

2.) Take it Slow:

At the rate our world is moving, its no wonder its so hard for us to relax, unplug, and access that place of creativity.. We also put pressure on ourselves to perform, or often outperform another person, or imagination. Creating takes time, it requires you to slow down. Don’t get frustrated if you create that space and it takes you the majority of your time unwinding! That’s ok! You will eventual find a rhythm. No one writes a whole book, completes an entire project, or gets that brilliant idea right away. It’s often a process.

How I like do It…..

Concept to completion.. this has recently been my motto. I start out with an idea or concept if you will, and simply write it down. Then I paint in a sense around that idea until I have achieved a solid concept. A direction, a purpose, a frame that withholds the more significant story through this particular idea.

After I have a solid foundation and direction, I build the content. The meat, the goods. Often this comes at a pace of it’s choosing. Sometimes it’s like a bomb of creativity goes off, and I can’t keep up with the rate of the growing process. Other times its like a slug is wiggling through my brain at a rate of frustration. Either way, keep going and don’t stop.

3.) Become Inspired:

Last but not least, become inspired. I have been in those moments when people have asked… have you written anything new lately, or what are you dreaming up now? And I answer with that all too familiar phrase, “I am just uninspired’. Well, how do you go from uninspired, to inspired yet again? Well, I have found that for me simple things like reading inspires me, music inspires me, beauty inspires me, goals inspire me, friendships inspire me, images inspire me like photography, etc. Whatever it is for you, access it. Take the time through creating a space and slowing down to remind yourself to allow an embrace for some much-needed inspiration.

How I like do It…

When it comes to inspiration, I like brainstorming with people! Especially if I am in a state where I could use some inspiration in my life! But it has to be the right people. If I need to become inspired by a project or task, I like to surround myself with the sky is the limit kind of minds. If there is one person in the room that is a negative pull, informing me of all the reasons this idea is flawed or how it won’t work… I will become uninspired very quickly! You definitely can’t stay in that state of dreaming, but you do need to linger there at times to witness some new possibilities! Then you can touch back down to the ground and weed out the practicalities. In which you will need to start thinking practically, and so you’ll need to bring back in the factual minds.

Well, Friends I know this was a lengthy blog today, but I just really felt like some of you are literally on the edge of creating a masterpiece! You just need to take some steps to CREATE A SPACE, SLOW DOWN, and BECOME INSPIRED! And some of you may have never even envisioned yourself as a creative! But I believe because we serve a BIG CREATIVE GOD, you have way more access to creativity than you could ever imagine.

Happy Creating!


What are some ways that help you stay in that creative flow?