I am so excited to launch the monthly “Featured Artist” portion of my blog! I know as musicians, artists, worship leaders, etc., it is so great to be in community with other creatives! Also, I know this will encourage you greatly! This month I interviewed Kyle Montgomery! Kyle and I go way back to my college days at CFNI. If you don’t know Kyle, well you should! He is one of the best! Not just musicians and worshippers.. but all around persons in general! He is currently serving at “Catch The Fire DFW.” You need to follow them! I am loving seeing all of the intimate God moments that are happening there. Go check out some of their music, because you will definitely want to start following along! A link/video will be posted at the end of this post!

God has such a crazy call on Kyle’s life, and I am excited for you to meet him! (Also shameless plug) He is single ladies! So I don’t want to see any more of your posts claiming that there aren’t any good guys out there because he is one of the best! You can follow him on Instagram. Wink wink. No crazies, please!

Ok, let’s jump in!

PML: What inspires you creatively as an artist, worship leader or musician?

KYLE M: My main role right now is as a bassist and band leader in worship settings, so of course I’m inspired by worship artists like Bethel and Hillsong (United, Young & Free). I’m also consistently seeking out new music, especially instrumental music. I like to keep my inspiration fresh, and I think this keeps me dreaming when it comes to musical composition.

PML: What is your desired impact as an artist, songwriter, or worship leader?

KYLE M: For the church, I want to make it easy for people to encounter Jesus and lose themselves in worship. I also have a deep desire to inspire and equip church musicians to be able to express worship through their craft with excellence. To not just play the right notes, but express what God is saying to His people every week and lead well.

PML: What is a big dream or goal you are trying to achieve this year in 2018?

KYLE M: I want to become proficient at recording and live looping in Ableton. There are some musical ideas I’ve been sitting on for some time and this year I’m ready to get the ball rolling.

PML: What was the last song/album you wrote and or was involved with? What was your inspiration?

KYLE M: The last album I was involved with was Catch the Fire DFW’s “What a Father” album. This was released in 2016 with my church. We recorded this album live and it really captures what happens in our church on a week to week basis. As far as inspiration is concerned, I was just honored to be able to release a taste of what our worship is like, and to do it with family. There’s just something special about the chemistry that develops with a like-minded worship band that is committed to growing together.

PML: Who is your favorite artist/who inspires you the most?

KYLE M: I would have to say Bonobo is my favorite artist right now. I got to see him live a few months ago, and I was really inspired by how he rotated instruments and a vocalist in and out throughout his set. Every piece was used so well at the just the right times.

PML: Let’s talk gear! What is the latest and greatest addition to your gear set up?

KYLE M: I just bought a Novation Launchpad Pro. It’s been pretty great lately to help with my workflow in Ableton, it’s been inspiring and easy to jump straight in with.

PML: Two major musician/artist must-haves?

KYLE M: First, I’d say an instrument/gear that makes you want to make music. As I’ve grown, I’m less concerned about the name on the product and more concerned about how inspired I feel when I use it. After that, a metronome. 🙂

PML: If you were standing in a room full of creatives/artists what would you tell them to help in their God dream pursuits?

KYLE M: Be faithful with what’s in your hands and trust God with what isn’t. For me, it’s easy for dreaming and asking God for more to overshadow His command to steward what He’s given me already. I think scripture is clear that He loves to give more, especially to those who are diligent with what He’s already given.

PML: What is one valuable lesson you have learned, as you have pursued this God dream and vision for your life?

KYLE M: God is more interested in my obedience than my reputation. I’ve experienced more favor and opportunity when my desires have been submitted to Him. I can honestly say that as many great things as I have gotten to experience, they don’t come close to the relationship with my Father that has developed in the process.

Check out Catch The Fire DFW!