If you are reading this blog right now, you probably at one point were given a promise over your life or future. You may in this very moment feel utterly and wholly discouraged that the delay over your life and promise appears entirely out of reach. If you could rip back the curtain of the unknown, you would see your promise may be delayed in arrival but that the P R O M I S E is undoubtedly on its way! I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted and desired to throw in the towel when it comes to the promises of God. In fact, some promises have still yet to be fulfilled, and if I let my flesh get the best of me, it would cause me to doubt at how impossible they seem. But if we are going to talk about impossibilities, then we must place God into the impossible equations. The impossible is often where God starts.

I remember early on in my marriage; I was praying during a twenty-one day fast. I was praying about some deep desires of my heart. I felt the Lord show me, that I was going to have a little girl. That she would be born in the spring, and her name would be EvaLyn Faith. I knew that she would live a life of faith. I got pregnant over a year and a half later, and just knew because what the Lord had said, who this little one would be. I was WRONG. My adventurous little boy came into my life like a wrecking ball! HAHA. He was and still is my little Miracle baby. He is my little warrior, who is a mark of the faithful hand of God. I am filled with emotion just thinking about the process of conceiving my little dude. I was never disappointed he was a boy, but I was disappointed in the fact that I thought I heard the Lord so clearly… yet I was so wrong… or so I thought! I didn’t know that almost five years later, that word I received would become a manifest promise!

I don’t know what you are holding onto; I don’t know what you have been crying for, praying for, contending for in the midnight hours… But friends He will surely keep His promises! He is not a God that He should lie, but shows himself truthful and faithful every single time. I am standing with you, and believing with you, that the promise is on its way.

This journey of walking in His promise is one that is a journey of pruning. One of character building faith. I am finding that it often proves whether our love is more for the promise or the promise keeper. I am finding such a closeness in the delays of life. A closeness to the Father’s Heart that I have never fully experienced at his level before… had I not had to find myself in the waiting room of life. A level of trust that my God will always be faithful to the end.

Get your hopes up, don’t lower your head. The promise my friends is on its way. The season is now.