Wherever you find yourself in this exact moment, whether you are feeling inadequate, unwanted, abandoned, alone… I want you to know that you are marked. From the moment time began, you were divinely planned and thought of by the Creator of the universe. He is calling you, waiting for you to see and discover your mark.

The enemy wants you to embrace every lie that you have no purpose. That you are just another drop in the bucket of life. Lies are all he has to promote his twisted agenda. Don’t believe it. Someone needs to hear this, you are marked & set apart.

That thing that is in you is for now. That dream you have been dreaming is for now. That book you have wanted to pen is for now. Realize you’re marked, walk in line with His thoughts towards you. Because you are marked, its time that you make your mark on the world. Paint every day with the love and purpose of God. Wherever you go. Whatever you have been entrusted with. Make your mark, the time is NOW.