Let’s be honest. It’s easier to believe for others at times than it is for ourselves.

Sometimes you go through seasons where you cry, Lord, I believe…but help my unbelief. And it’s in those moments you come to the reality, that our faith can be far from perfect.

This seems kind of like an oxymoron, but there was a man in the bible that had cried this prayer. He believed in God, I mean he wouldn’t have brought his son to be healed had he not, yet there was a faith level that was lacking…a rivet in crossing over.

I can only imagine, Jesus himself asking, “do you believe?” and at that very moment, knowing you lack the full assurance, is a painful discovery.

But this was the place where he would become full of faith…and sometimes we find amid our circumstances, the very same lack. And I would much rather be raw and honest before God than operate out of a fake it until I make it mentality.

God will use everything. Even our unfavorable circumstances, to get us to a place of complete trust…He has a way of working behind the scenes in a way that you couldn’t even imagine.

I know, some Christian”s will practically yell at you, and possibly stone you for even being at this place…but I promise you are in good company! The disciples themselves also faced this harsh reality. John the Baptist, Peter, Thomas — they all had moments where they struggled to believe…

Sure, Peter walked on water, but he later sank! His faith was strong enough to get out of the boat and onto the water, but it wasn’t strong enough to keep him afloat.

So if this is you today, maybe your faith like mine, is a little imperfect…no judgment here! God is just calling us to operate out of a faith level that says, this is too big for me…Lord, give me bigger, and greater faith!

God, I believe! I believe you as a healer, as a provider, as waymaker, as redeemer…but I want to believe wholeheartedly, with no delay, so help my unbelief…help me walk this out, as I trust — as I keep walking blindly into the unknown. “I do have faith! But please help me to have even more.” Help me to have GREATER faith, I realize in these seasons, how much more of you I truly need.

And friends, if that’s your prayer, we are on the brink of watching mountains be cast into the sea.