Can you remember shouting these words at your parents, as the tires on that family car kept spinning and spinning, with no real end in sight — regarding your much-anticipated destination? It’s astonishing how long a twenty-minute car ride seemed to last…when the excitement of arriving at your destination became unbearable…

And here we are again, shouting these words at the top of our lungs. Jesus, are we there yet?

Yet this time, the car is our life, and we are frantically looking for the off ramp…some sign or reason, that our destination is actually on the horizon.

I don’t know about you, but a lot of 2019 was far from being an ideally smooth ride; it was unbelievable bumpy, in fact…the road trip towards destiny didn’t necessarily take the exits I would have ever imagined.

But here we stand on the brink of 2020, once again at the starting line of a brand new year, and I am now faced with so much UNKNOWN.

How do you maintain joy, when the road trip of life is spinning out of control, and you have no real destination in sight, and everything but your name is left uncertain?

This is when we put every ounce of trust in Jesus.

I know it seems simple, but life is so much more fun when we get out of the driver’s seat — once and for all. Our surrender is a powerful tool when faced with the unknown. Our surrender of expectations, the surrender of past trauma and fears, the surrender of agendas, ambition, and our perfect ideals of success…

We put so much emphasis on arriving. We spend so much time living for the next investment, the following career or educational move, the next phase, the next goal…we can get so focused on what’s next, that we actually MISS so much of our critical “now” moments. And before you know it, you are five years down the road with little to no recognition on how you even got here.

We get so focused on continually dreaming, planning, and anticipating, or simply passing the time, that we are missing the BEAUTIFUL scenery of life playing out around us.

Now don’t get me wrong, dreaming, and planning, these are all good things! And they are all NEEDED. We just can’t use them as tactics to pass the time in these unknown seasons of life.

So If you are facing a season of UNKNOWN, I encourage you to fall into trust more than ever.

Jesus really is the source of all strength, and His joy is a gift that will envelop even the toughest, darkest, unknown terrains of life.

Don’t become so fixated on where you are going, or where you have yet to arrive, that you forsake the journey happening right around you.

And remember this friend…2020, does not hold your joy.

You will have ups, and you will have downs…as you do with any year. So don’t spend so much time putting all of your hope and trust in the turning of a page, but rather place it in the one who is filling the pages!

Let Him truly begin narrating your story, as only He can…and if you go down a path, or maybe take a detour that was entirely unexpected, trust that He knows better…

…and remember to roll your windows down, smile big, and love EXTRAVAGANTLY, even in the midst of all these UNKNOWNS.

Sometimes the most beautiful views you will ever behold are on the roads you never expected.