This field can be such a lonely place.

David had to have felt the emotional weight of being forgotten.

I mean, who just forgets their son? He was obviously thought to be far too small and of no importance—for when a prophetic voice of monumental status arrived with great news, no one even thought to call out his name.

And much like David, we can feel that same weight of being forgotten.

Maybe you have worked the field for years now, and your heart is beginning to fill up with the desolation of dust. Hope deferred is beginning to creep into the hallways of your heart, and that voice of rejection just won’t seem to leave you alone.

Maybe you even feel God has forgotten you…forsaking you to wander in the desert sun with no real light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe in the grand scheme of this vast big world and all these spinning plates, you somehow think you have fallen through the cracks…

Oh, but you didn’t…and you are well accounted for. He sees you, even when others don’t.

I don’t believe it was happenstance that others didn’t notice David. It seemed as though the individuals in David’s life possessed great blinders. They were looking for outer might and strength, but God was looking at His heart.

The field is a place where your eyes begin to shift off of others and onto Jesus.

The lord didn’t want someone who could network. He didn’t desire someone who could work the social ladder and rely on their stockpile of names and connections. He wanted his heart—He wanted his trust. The field was the threshing floor of deep friendship and relationship.

I have been in this season for a while now. And I know other friends, couples, and leaders who are in the field as well…

But I would rather be in the field waiting on Him to call my name, than jump through the hoops of people, and falsely produce a way that was not from Him.

It can be heart-breaking to sit alone in a field of dust, while others parade for approval and acceptance…but this is the place where we press into the passion of our first love. The place where promotion won’t tempt us to steal any glory for ourselves. The place where the lion and the bear become our fortitude and strength.

God doesn’t forget those He loves and appoints—but He does hide them. And for good reasons, far beyond, we will ever truly know.

In this season, I have had my days of feeling forgotten and sometimes abandoned, but rather than sulk in the forgotten nature of other’s charades. I have pressed harder into Jesus. And I have heard him more clearly, and have developed such a deeper friendship than I have ever known. It’s to the point that if my tent stays here in the desert, but I have Jesus—that’s all I will ever need.

So if your feet are becoming weary and dusty…just know you may be in-fact hidden, but you can never be forgotten! Possibly by man, but never by Jesus.