A few years ago I was helping my parents plant new landscape in their backyard. In order to do this I had to uproot all the old landscape to make room for the new. There was one plant that was so short that I could barely get my hand around it to pull it from the ground. I tried to pull it up and it didn’t budge, so I grabbed with both my hands and yanked. Still nothing. So I grasped it with both hands and leaned back with all my weight. It put up a good fight but it was no match to my thick-thighed self and the plant went flying… as did I. We both landed on the ground, one much harder than the other. 

As I stood up to brush myself off I looked at the plant I just battled with and realized the reason I had to work so hard to get the plant uprooted… It’s roots were at least four times the size of the plant. The plant was deeply rooted to say the least. 

This is what Jesus desires for us. He longs for us to be so deeply rooted in Him that when seasons of rough weather comes, be it a drought or a tornado or a blizzard, we have what we need in Him that we survive. 

But when you are deeply rooted in Jesus you don’t just survive, you thrive. 

When your source is Living Water you can’t help but grow and thrive in seasons meant to kill you.

“He will be standing firm like a flourishing tree planted by God’s design, deeply rooted by the brooks of bliss, bearing fruit in every season of his life. He is never dry, never fainting, ever blessed, ever prosperous.” -Psalm 1:3 

I love that this verse says you will bear fruit in every season. Not just in spring, but in the winter when the climate is meant to kill you. Or in the summer when the ground is tough and the rain hasn’t come in months. As long as your roots are deeply rooted in Jesus He will provide all you need in every single season. How reassuring! 

So friend, if you are in a season that feels like it will kill you I want to encourage you to put those roots down deep into Jesus. Cling to Him. Start reading your Word, even if it is just in carpool as you wait to pick up your kids, or right before you go to bed, or before you get out of bed in the morning or while you locked yourself in the bathroom so you kids won’t bother you as you use the restroom. Whatever it looks like, get the Word in you! Also, cultivate your prayer life. Talk to God throughout your day. You can set aside a specific time to pray or you can just simply sit with Jesus in the in between moments of the day. Just allow yourself to be in His presence. 

He wants to meet with you. He wants to be your source of life. He longs to be the firm foundation you are planted in, all you have to do is invite Him in.