Do you ever have days where it seems like everything you do is being secretly sabotaged by tiny angry elves? Humor me. 

You wake up late, having accidentally turned off your alarm. Then, going to have coffee, you accidentally spill the coffee grounds on the floor. You can’t find your keys for a jolting 15 minutes. And on your way out the door you hit your toe or elbow on the corner of something. Oh, and there is possibly a screaming (or at least complaining) child in there somewhere. 

On days like that, I often close my eyes and with a huff I ask The Lord, “do you even see me today?!”

Honestly, I also ask questions like that while in a longer season of struggle. I find myself wishing I had strong faith like so-and-so, who seems unmoved by their circumstances. Which ends up leaving me disappointed with my life- and with myself. 

Disappointment walks hand-in-hand with anxiety and anger. Comparison and bitterness. Confusion and shame. 

The one thing that has carried me though it all, is believing in The Lord. 

We’ve heard the phrase: seeing isn’t believing- believing is seeing. And I’m here to testify to that! I have heard story after story of victories and healings that all happened AFTER someone chose to believe.

In a podcast I listen to recently by Annie F. Downs she admits, “before my situation ever changes, my prayers change.” 

I believed- then I saw.

Belief ALWAYS comes first. Always. 

Do you have a disappointment today? 

Big or small, The Lord desires to fill each need that you have with His Holy Spirit. 

Paul says it this way, that “God will liberally supply (fill until full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19 

His riches and glory are without limits. And I am believing that today, and going forward,  you will have what it takes to tap into that. 

Be blessed, friend.