Staying in rhythm with the Father’s heart, and heeding the Holy Spirit, can sometimes be a work in progress—or should I say, a learning curve in “daily surrender.”

The Lord has been showing me how my efforts to follow Him have been taking a self-appointed detour at times. I’m right there, following His lead, and then bam—my own desires and emotions take me off the beaten path and onto a rocky terrain…an unfamiliar detour that leaves me with unwanted regrets. Had I just followed His lead—I wouldn’t have to clean up the mess of my own directives and ambitions.

It doesn’t have to just be the grand destinations that we need His directives for—it’s also the small everyday decisions. It’s the daily living, the relationship encounters, and the attitude markers, where we often go astray.

For me? Lately? It’s been engaging in untimely social media debates! Haha. I know-I know, you probably thought something grandiose right? Nope, it’s social media.

Lately, I have picked up the sword of defense. Feeling that every stance, belief, and truth, need my defending. I’m not saying we are not in a battle for these things. I’m not saying that we drop our armor and walk away from the culture wars…but picking our battles (especially on social media) is a well-known strategy, and extremely beneficial.

I’m not going to change anyone’s heart by arguing statistics. I’m not going to win anyone’s heart by belting out my convictions on a worldly system. And I am always learning this the hard way…

The Lord told me awhile back, to seek Him before every post. Before I just flippantly create a dialogue with a heart to prove someone wrong. Well, “Oops I did it again,” is becoming my theme song.

Sadly, no one wants “truth” to be told in love within a relationship—much less social media where the relationship is devoid. So you think I would learn.

But maybe for you, it’s a different path. Maybe you really want to step out and do something “ambitious,” but the Lord is continually telling you to wait.

Maybe, it’s stewarding your finances with kingdom purposes in mind—rather than the constant continuation of self-centered comforts.

Maybe, it’s relationally taking a step back, from relationships that are pushing you back into the mindsets and habits of your old life.

Whatever path is paved with our own humanity and temptations, needs to be rerouted back to the heart of the Father. When we start taking the lead role and pushing our own way forward without regard to the destination we are blazing towards—that destination will always lead to a dead-end road.

Trust me.

Roadblocks, and dead ends, have been my specialty—let’s be transparent here.

But, when I recognize “self” beginning to raise its ugly head, and forge its own path, I realize I have to stop and come back under the submission of His leadership.

My pride doesn’t like this, but my spirit thrives in a posture of humility.

So today, what areas in your life need to come back to following His lead?

We all at times have to course correct. He doesn’t leave us stranded and alone. He is always capturing our hearts with His grace & mercy and beckoning us to come back to His original plan.

Just acknowledge that you got distracted. That you diverted from the original path, and with a heart of repentance, retrace His footsteps.

He is always faithful to meet you there.