…yet one of the most engraved statements He has spoken to me was at a conference in 2016. He whispered, but it felt more like a shout. Have you ever had that happen? When God speaks ever so gently, yet His Whispers make thunder roll throughout your very being. I will never forget it. I was in a season of life when everything seemed hopeless. I felt stripped away from everything, and yet found the most important thing imaginable! The never-ending faithful love of God! When sitting in that conference, He whispered “Pen My Love”… I sat their completely and utterly confused. For at that moment I was thinking a lot of various thoughts, and none of them had to do with writing, or the need to pick up a pen. It was as though even in the midst of my brokenness he was giving me a mandate. One that would cause healing to my heart and soul. So I did. I began to “pen” his love, even when the light deep within seemed to barely flicker. Through songs and pages of entries, I started to write again.. Through this process, the raw state of my heart was becoming pliable. What I found through penning His love was in fact freedom, truth and the unending Love He has for me!




Monika Baker is a Graduate of Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, Tx. She has a passion for songwriting, music, poetry, books, and all things that revolve around creative writing. Pen My Love was birthed from a deep desire to pen the Father’s love over every generation of women. Monika has been married to her best friend and college sweetheart for twelve years and has three energetic kiddos. Monika’s hobbies include: writing, eating Mexican food, renovating spaces, antiquing, watching HGTV, and drinking coffee (of course).

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Brooke Hernandez graduated from Christ for the Nations in Dallas, TX, in 2014, and she married the love of her life a year later. She is the mama of two beautiful baby girls, Isabella & Adelina. Brooke serves as our co-founder at PML and has a passionate heart to see women live out their God-ordained destinies. Brooke loves to read, write, sing and eat sushi any chance she gets. Most days, you can find her with concealer, mascara, a top knot, and coffee in hand.

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Hannah Massa is a native Texan turned Oklahoman. Hannah enjoys devoting much of her time to being a wife and mom from her home in Broken Arrow. She is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute and serves as our content director here at Pen My Love. Her heart desires to help women grow in the Lord through writing, relationship, and God’s Word. Hannah’s hobbies include baking, being outdoors, laughing with friends, and all things theology.

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