Trusting Completely

February 4th, 2021|Comments Off on Trusting Completely

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and he [...]

Dear Forgotten Ones

April 16th, 2020|Comments Off on Dear Forgotten Ones

This field can be such a lonely place. David had to have felt the emotional weight of being forgotten. [...]

This Doesn’t Make Sense

February 20th, 2020|Comments Off on This Doesn’t Make Sense

These words have swirled non-stop in my mind for months now...wrestling with God for clarity, and pulling my question [...]

Joy In The Unknown

January 3rd, 2020|Comments Off on Joy In The Unknown

ARE WE THERE YET?!?! Can you remember shouting these words at your parents, as the tires on that family [...]

Joy Is Our Inheritance.

November 20th, 2019|Comments Off on Joy Is Our Inheritance.

Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him, he endured [...]

Imperfect Faith

July 11th, 2019|Comments Off on Imperfect Faith

Let's be honest. It's easier to believe for others at times than it is for ourselves. Sometimes you go [...]


September 20th, 2018|Comments Off on Marked

Wherever you find yourself in this exact moment, whether you are feeling inadequate, unwanted, abandoned, alone... I want you [...]

See. Encourage. Be.

July 9th, 2018|Comments Off on See. Encourage. Be.

Falling into the shadow of the crowd, you slowly drift into the unseen. Fighting thoughts of true adequacy you [...]

When The Promise Is Delayed

June 25th, 2018|Comments Off on When The Promise Is Delayed

If you are reading this blog right now, you probably at one point were given a promise over your [...]

Confronting Rejection

March 20th, 2018|Comments Off on Confronting Rejection

I genuinely love people, and sometimes it's at the expense of my own heart. Trust me I know how [...]

Featured Artist | Kyle Montgomery

March 6th, 2018|Comments Off on Featured Artist | Kyle Montgomery

I am so excited to launch the monthly “Featured Artist” portion of my blog! I know as musicians, artists, [...]

Reignite Dating

February 14th, 2018|Comments Off on Reignite Dating

I do not claim or pretend to be an expert at marital or relational advice! My marriage has had [...]

Hello Creativity

February 5th, 2018|Comments Off on Hello Creativity

As a creative, a writer, a musician, my ability to create wholeheartedly lives within an almost impossible state of [...]

From Worrier To Warrior

January 29th, 2018|Comments Off on From Worrier To Warrior

Fear, worry, anxiety, have all been labeled silent killers amongst our generation. For they slowly push the life out [...]

Pondering The Process

January 23rd, 2018|Comments Off on Pondering The Process

One thing is for certain... life is full of processes. There are processes at every stage of our lives. [...]

Meet the Crew

December 29th, 2017|Comments Off on Meet the Crew

So I can’t go any further without giving an introduction to my marvelous family! Most of you are probably [...]